Small Business Internet Marketing – What Are The Vital Skills?

If you’re a small business or one man band then there are several key concepts you need to learn related to small business internet marketing. This article gives you a brief overview of the skills that you will require.


Copywriting is the art of selling to people through writing and flows into all areas of internet marketing. You need to know how to put an offer in front of people that is compelling enough for them to want to buy. Copyriting should be used in everything you do, from writing articles to creating videos, to socialising on social media sites. If you can get copywriting right, you’re on the way to making money.

Basic html

HTML is the code that sits behind all web pages and websites, and to learn small business internet marketing, it’s essential you know some of the basics. Just simple things like being able to put a link on a blog post or in an article, or how to put an image on a webpage will be a massive help.

Writing articles

Learn as much about writing articles as you possibly can. All internet marketers need to be able to write about their niche and it’s also one of the most popular methods of gaining free traffic for small business internet marketing.

How to setup a website

The main website of any internet marketer is their blog. You need to know how to set this up and some of the basics of cpanel (the control panel for websites). Sure you can outsource, but if you’re just starting out that can become an expensive option until you’ve made a few pennies.

List Building

All your effort in small business internet marketing should be focused on building a targeted list of followers. You need to do this by providing value to them so that they get to know, like and trust you, then you can start selling your products. A highly responsive list, one you’ve built a great relationship with, is one of the cornerstones of your business. With a good relationship you’ll be able to sell to your list over and over again.

Traffic Generation

Paying for traffic for a beginner can drain your account very quickly, so it’s not something you want to get into for starters unless you’ve got a big budget. Writing articles, creating videos, using social media are all forms of free traffic generation.

Back links

To get high rankings in search engines you need to have links from other websites pointing back to your website. This makes search engines believe that your website is worth ranking and offers something of value to their clients. Comment on high traffic blogs, comment on forums, talk about your website (and provide links) in social media, write articles, create videos, and all of these will provide links back to your website.

Content Creation

This will be one of your main activities as it relates to all areas of small business internet marketing. Create great content about your products or services. This includes article writing, video creation, podcasts, blog posts forums commenting, in fact anything that gets your message, ideas and products out on the internet. Above all provide value in your content, something that will build a relationship with your potential customers.

These are some of the essentials you need to master in order to become successful at small business internet marketing. Once you’ve mastered these, look at outsourcing some of the more repetitive tasks. Your main focus should be on marketing your products., however you need to know the basics in order to tell outsourcers how to carry them out.

Why You Need A Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant?

When you began your business, you probably had some really big plans as to how it was going to work out for you. You knew you wanted to be profitable and you knew that there would be a great deal of work associated with that. In the course of your business planning, you likely looked around for all sorts of ideas to help your business grow. This is usually very true of marketing and advertising- this is one area you just don’t want to skimp.

Getting the attention of your potential customers and clients has become much easier with the internet- or has it? The way that the search engines change and grow, search engine optimization changes happen sometimes on a daily basis. Having a wealth of knowledge at your disposal when it comes to social media networking and marketing, search engine optimization and even online press releases is key. As you run your business, sometimes, it is impossible to add in monitoring the current trends in these all too important areas. After all, you’re running your business- and while you may understand the importance of marketing, even marketing online, it is often much more simple and cost effective to hire a small business internet marketing consultant.

Having someone in your corner who already knows how search engines work, how social media can be both an advantage or a potential disadvantage and all the particulars is something that you will find carries a tremendous ROI. While this person handles all of your internet marketing needs, you can then go on about the business of what it takes to keep your business running smoothly. However, this is one area where you are going to want to make sure that you go with a trusted professional. In this economy, you cannot afford slip ups or mistakes. Having a highly experienced small business internet marketing consultant working with you and taking care of your online presence can help you to not only reduce your overall bottom line, but also, to extend your reach in many ways.

If you feel that your competition seems to be pushing past you, leaving you standing still, it might be time to look into a small business internet marketing consultant and find out what they can do for you.

Find someone who will take the time to sit down with you and really discuss your goals, your needs and work with you to show you results in a realistic time frame. With the economy being wobbly, but the internet booming with opportunities, it is always best to have a knowledgeable guide to it on your team.

Small Business Internet Marketing Online – Standard Marketing for a Digital Age

If you want to expand your small business, Internet marketing online offers a lot of exposure for your business. Not realizing the power of word of mouth and the many ways that a local business can be promoted online, they often use it in the same context that they would use a listing in a phone book. Although someone might find the business, there are many diverse ways to interact with customers and grow your customer base.

Much like standard advertising for your small business, Internet marketing online is simply a digital version of print advertising. Instead of ads in newspapers, magazines and fliers, your advertisements are in digital format that also allow customer interaction. Very powerful information can be gathered from customer feedback on blogs, social sites and forums. When it comes to marketing your small business, Internet marketing online is easy and relatively inexpensive. Most services are free to sign up for and offer a simple interface to get you started.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you have to make whatever web presence you choose easy for your customers to find. You want your website, twitter account, or Facebook page to be one of the first things that shows up when people search for a particular product that you offer. As an example, if your business is to provide chimney sweeping services, if someone does a search for chimney sweeps in your area, you want your business to be the first one to show up in the search engine result pages. There are several ways to accomplish this. An easy way to start would be to use Google’s keyword research tool to determine just what terminology people would use to find a chimney sweep. These terms that searchers use are referred to as keywords and are the cornerstone to advertising online.

Once you have determined what people are searching for related to your business. You can then set up a website, Facebook page or other social network site built around these terms. This makes sense to Google and it is more likely that your page will show up when someone is looking for services or products that you offer. Although similar to an ad in a newspaper, digital forms of advertising can be changed on the fly to accommodate promotions or sales. This provides a unique opportunity to keep up with customer demand and feedback.

Social network sites are a great way to get the word out about your local business and in a lot of cases these sites are free to use. Sites such as Squidoo, Hub Pages and Weebly all offer a free website service with a very easy to use interface that does not require any web programming or special knowledge. By putting your digital “fliers” out on the Internet, you’re casting a wider net to a broader audience. Some consumers shop strictly online and, even though they’re local to your small business, Internet marketing online lets them know you even exist.

With the convenience of being able to search online, fewer people are using traditional phonebooks. When promoting your small business, Internet marketing online should include a listing in Google Places. Google Places is a free to use service that acts as an online phonebook that can be found easily by searching for a product or service in the searcher’s area. Having a listing in this free to use directory pays large dividends with people being able to locate you quickly when they need your services.

When promoting a small business, Internet marketing online is the next logical step in expanding your business. Inexpensive to get started, once your business grows you can expand your small business online presence to include mailing lists or online store. With this growth potential, small businesses need to step into the digital age.